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~Fritz Xankrovitchflar 8.Jan.04 03:22 PM a Web browser
Notes Client 6.5 Windows 2000

I have just upgraded from 5.12 to 6.5 everything went fine but 1 pc would not upgrade. coming up with the red popup box and the error message "Lookupup Handle: Handle out of range. here is the nsd error log: Any Help Please!

search path: .;C:\WINNT
Host Name : NMDELL04
User Name : paulf
Date : Thu Jan 08 11:55:06 2004
Windows Dir : C:\WINNT
Arguments : "C:\program files\Lotus\Notes\nsd.exe" -dumpandkill -termstatus 1
OSVersion : Windows 2000 5.0 (Build 2195), PlatID=2, Service Pack 4 (1 Processor)

INFO (0): Using NSD profile C:\WINNT\notesnsd.ini
ERROR (0): can't open C:\Lotus\Notes\notes.ini - (2) No such file or directory
INFO (0): Found 2 Notes processes, matched 2
inst C:\program files\Lotus\Notes\Data already added
INFO (0): Generating nsd.ini ...
inst C:\program files\Lotus\Notes\Data already added

-> Instance# 1 : (current)
Ini File : c:\program files\lotus\notes\notes.ini
Data Dir : C:\program files\Lotus\Notes\Data
Prog Dir : C:\program files\Lotus\Notes
Notes Build: Release 6.5 September 26, 2003
Proc List:
C:\program files\Lotus\Notes\NLNOTES.EXE (55c)
C:\program files\Lotus\Notes\ntaskldr.EXE (5a4)

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